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Posted on 2011-07-17 by IceBear

Read the original article "myRL.net Facelifting" here if you haven't already.

So it has been a while since my last post. Let me explain why:
First of all I couldn't stand WordPress anymore, which was the blogging software behind the site. So I started to code my own system instead, which is what you currently see here now. No more bloat and limited to the core functions I want. There's no more comment function and as suggested by Kreuvf (thank you!) I removed the Flattr JavaScript API because it's basically useless JavaScript bloat that only enables you to view the amount of flattrs received plus directly flattering without going to the Flattr website. It came with the cost that api.flattr.com could track my visitors and apart from that I'm not a fan of JavaScript anyhow.

The next thing that bothered me was the Malaysian host. As I already said, I always wanted to try Asian hosting, the basic idea always was something outside the EU and the U.S.A. where my privacy is still cared for. The Malaysian host was very slow however, so I fixed that by moving the site to Iceland now. Furthermore connections are now not only forced to HTTPS but they're also forced to use either AES128-SHA or AES256-SHA, any other cipher is not accepted. This is to improve security and privacy protection for my visitors.

Sorry everything took so long. Without any more delays now, enjoy a fresh article: Games and Dedicated Servers

Posted on 2011-01-06 by IceBear

It's 2011. Happy new year everyone.
We've had quite some changes here on myRL.net in the past month, considering the latest post is a little old already. Yes, I didn't wish merry Christmas on here, simply because I despise religions, meaning if it were completely up to me, I wouldn't celebrate something as Christmas. I'm aware this is ironic, considering I just wished a happy new year. But there are just some things I can't change.

What has changed however: myRL.net was moved to a Malaysian host. I've always wanted to try Asian hosting, because, well... they're not within the EU. That's a good thing. So should you visit from Europe you might experience slower loading times. The offered bandwidth is quite a joke compared to European providers, so we'll probably move again by the end of this year.

Introducing Flattr: We're now using Flattr on every article published on myRL.net. Should you not be familiar with Flattr, it's a micro payment service where you set a fixed amount of money to spend each month on things you "flattr". You can flattr each article you like or simply flattr the whole site and subscribe with the permalink in the top right corner. All articles are also listed on my profile page on Flattr.

Introducing Twitter: I don't think I have to explain what Twitter is. I haven't been actively using Twitter before but since I'm going to get myself a new smartphone, I thought about setting up a Twitter account to tweet links and short news that I think are noteworthy but I don't want to write a whole article about them. So don't expect me to tweet about myself taking a shower. It's not set up, yet but I'll keep you posted.
Update: I've set up Twitter and you can follow me here: @myRLnet

Introducing guides: Hopefully I'll finally get started on writing some guides on how to use certain things. The level of detail may vary and can reach from guides for complete newbies to something a little bit advanced.

Also, should you have any stories you'd like to read about on here, simply contact me and I'll see what I can do. You're also free to send in articles you might want to publish on myRL.net. If their quality is anywhere on the same level than what's usually written on here, or even better (nobody's perfect) I might even be interested to have you as a writer on myRL.net. Just contact me should you be interested. All nationalities accepted, no age or gender restriction either.

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